home2-1024x397The Faculty of Biology conducts training and research in various biological areas and currently has seven departments (Human anatomy and physiology, Developmental biology, Biochemistry and microbiology, Botany and teaching methods in biology, Ecology and environmental conservation, Zoology and Plant physiology and molecular biology), where we train more than 1000 students.

The Faculty of Biology offers training in all levels of education – “Bachelor”, “Master” and “Doctor” All degrees and specialties are accredited with very high ratings from the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency.

Our Faculty boasts with quality of the academic training, due to the highly qualified staff of professors and researchers. Many of them are specialized and conducted research in a number of Western European countries, the USA and Russia. As guest lecturers in the Faculty are invited many scientists from abroad, which further increases the level and quality of training and research.

The departments at the Faculty of Biology have scientific cooperation with many other national and international universities and institutes, as proof of this are the joint research projects and publications.